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Card Condition

mint (m)
A mint card is in perfect condition. It has no scratches and absolutely shows no wear.
mint front mint back
nearmint (nm)
A nm card is almost in mint condition. These cards can have spots at the border but they must be really small and there must be very few of them.
On highmarket we combine both conditions near mint and mint to m-nm.
nm front nm back
excellent (ex)
Usually these cards have been played without sleeves a few times. There are spots at the border. There can be small scratches on the surface. These can be seen easily under daylight.
ex front ex back
veryfine (vf)
These cards show more wear than ex cards.
vf front vf back
fine (f)
Almost the whole border is covered by spots and there are a lot of scratches on the surface. The card has no big defects, is neither torn nor bent nor damaged by water.
fine front fine back
good (g)
The card is completely worn, more than fine cards. It can can have small defects like notches from postmarks. The card can still be used in non-transparent sleeves.
good front good back
poor (p)
Everything that is in worse condition than good.